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Our Great Dane Puppies

From Samson & Blue-Eyed Betty 

Born 11/15/2017

Special Needs Puppies

From this breeding of a Blue Mantle and a Harlequin, we were surprised to have 2 beautiful, almost white puppies.  The puppies have been vet checked and are deaf and are each probably blind in one eye.  They each have one good eye.  We have lowered their price because of this.

One Male Available

Angus - White - $700


1 Girl Available  

Angel - White - $700



From Tara & Merlin

Born 10/14/2017

1 Girl Available


Bambi - Merle $1200



From Duke & Artemis

Born 9/29/2017

2 Girls Available

Heather - Porcelain - $1200



Heidi - Blue Harlequin - $1200


From Samson & Sookie 

Born 9/20/2017


2 Girls Available 


Olga - Blue Harlequin - $1400



Orchid - Porcelain - $1200

She has a sort of heart shape over her heart!





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