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               Here are some pictures of our puppies from their new homes along with comments from their new families!




Hey Glenda!
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for Genghis. He is everything we ever wanted in an English Mastiff and more. He definitely fits right in and we love him to pieces. He got checked by our vet when we first got him and he is and has been healthy as a horse. I just wanted to let you know!!
From April




Our Danny turned 5 yesterday.
Healthy, heavy,he weighed 235 pounds this morning.
Still plays like a puppy, thank you for him. Robert



Here are pictures of the great dane Chloe that I got from you this past February.



Barkley giving me my nightly hugs and posing with my daughter!



Hello Glenda,
  I bought a pup from you in early December of last year. I just wanted to send you some of my favorite pics as he has grown tremendously and is such a joy to have... He is a Service Dog yet he is still a little too excited to go into any hospitals just yet. Everyone loves him... He has brought me so much happiness. I am so blessed to have found you. I will probably get a female in another year or so...



This is Drake as his first birthday draws near.   I have been thinking about you and what an addition he is to our family.  Thought you might like a picture of him playing at the beach.  We take him to the naval academy football games, and he is ALWAYS the center of attention.  His is a beautiful, smart, attractive, goofy, protective, amazing dog.  We couldn't be happier!

Thanks you again, The McGuinness family, Southern Maryland



Here's a picture of Duchess!  We love her!

Thanks!  Randy



Hi, Glenda!  Here is a recent picture of Magnus who we purchased from you last year. We couldn't be more pleased with him!  Our vet told us Magnus is a true Alpha male and should be bred to better the breed!  Thanks so much!  Mitch and Sharon




A picture of Grace!

Thanks!  Gena



Hi, Glenda!  We got a puppy from you in March and named him Griffey.  He's about 80 lbs. now and growing every day.  He gets along well with our other dog and wants to play with the cat all the time!  He loves long walks and his stubborn groans are hilarious!

Thanks again, Ken



Ranger - He's doing great and enjoying the beautiful California weather!  Thanks again,

The King Family



Happy New Year!  Savannah is growing like a weed and doing great!

Thanks!  Bonnie



We love our sweet girl, Lola!!  She's a wonderful part of our family!  Still gets lots of attention for her size and great disposition!  Thanks so much!  Holly




Here is a picture of Magnus!  He is such an impressive dog, and our family loves him!  My vet is also very impressed with him, which is no easy task!

Thank you so much,  Mitch



This is an update about Major, who is definitely a happy boy!

Thanks!  Ashley





This is Martini on her 1st birthday!  We love her so much!  Our vet got a blue male from you recently and they play together all the time!

Thanks so much!  Brittany



We named her Salsa and she's 5 months now!  We love her to pieces!

Thanks!  Sue



Our big boy at 5 years old!

Thanks so much!



Panda is doing great!  She is an amazing puppy!  I will definitely reference you and your puppies!

So happy with her!  Cassie



This is Swagger!  We adore her!!



Here's a picture of Tequilla!  We are so happy with her, we've been browsing your pages in preparation for another one!!  She's getting so big!  Abby




I wanted to write and tell you what a joy Thor has been to our family!  Our son is autistic and having Thor by his side has been amazing for him!  They love to run and play in the yard together.  He finally has a best friend!  Thor has doubled in size since we picked him up.  He has already learned to sit and we are working on shake right now.  He takes him for a walk every morning and every night and they go hiking on the weekends.

Thanks so much!  Traci




Thanks so much for our puppy!  Taryn



I think Tara is going to be the perfect dog for our home!!  She just loves chasing and laying around in the yard with our 3-year-old!

Thanks!  Allen



Sorry it took me so long to send you pictures of Ms. Athena.  She is growing so much and has developed such a personality!  She is just over 8 months and is around 80 pounds.  We think she is going to be bigger than we originally anticipated!  She loves her brother Atlas.  They love to rough-house and then settle down for a nap cuddled together.  She loves other dogs and people and loves playing at the dog park!

Thanks!  Kaitlin




Just wanted to give you an update on 10-month old Titus!  He has an amazing personality and is getting huge!  He is very smart and loves everybody!  Thanks so much for him!



Here is Ruger!  We've had him for a week now.  He's starting puppy classes tomorrow, but he's already been learning to "sit" at home!  He's got a goofy personality and loves to crawl into a lap to cuddle!  Thank you so much for helping to bring this wonderful puppy into our lives!  He's fitting quite well into our family already!

Thanks!  The Olmstead Family




We've taken alot of pics but it's hard to get him to sit still long enough or pose very well. I still wanted to just give you an update. He'd doing very well, loves to play and is growing fast, he's 44lbs today.

Thanks!  Dustin


Just dropping in. Brutus loves the creek in the back yard. Such a good puppy. He loves all people and everyone says how beautiful he is. He had over 220 likes on a photo in mastiff health on facebook. He is so smart and sits, shakes, lays down and knows where his bed is when told to go to bed. Very smart puppy!!   Thanks! Hollyy



We bought a Great Dane from you in October.
You had his name as Adonis.
We changed his name to Bubba G. He is growing and we love him so much.
Hope all is well with you and your family.
Merry Christmas
Rick and Colleen
Hello.  Just wanted to let you know that Kash Dozer ( the name Kash was picked out before we even found him... but we liked the name Dozer so I guess he has a frist and Middle name :-) is doing well.  A little hesitant of the kids for a few minutes, he now won't let them out of his sight.
Thanks again!  Lisa
Here is chief. We got him from you guys about 8 years ago. He is doing well for his age.
Thanks!  Chris


Hello Glenda!  Just wanted to give you a couple (ok, more than a couple) pictures of our little Cricket!  He isn't too little anymore actually!  He just had his Rabies and Distemper shot last Friday and came in at a whopping 35 pounds already!

He has learned "sit" and we are still working on many other like "fetch" and "lay down" and "don't eat the cats" and "No, the toilet paper is not yours!"  (he has this thing with toilet paper, by the roll or even just grabbing it off the roll and stringing it through the house.  It's quite funny actually.  He is walking on the leash pretty well, and the neighborhood loves him!  We walk to the elementary school often and the children are watching him grow!  They can't wait until he is really big.
He has fit in well with the family, has a little challenge with the cats, but we are working on it.  (Any advise?) and he sure doesn't like to sleep on his own, yup, right in the middle between my husband and I until he falls asleep and then we put him on the floor.  SPOILED!  He uses his kennel rarely, but doesn't seem to mind it very much.
He did seem to bond with me quite a lot.  If I get up, he gets up, maybe because I held him all the way home when we got him?  He whines when I leave and he watches by the door for me when I am not home.  SPOILED!
Thank you again for such a lovely puppy!  We tell people often about your business!
I will keep you updated as he grows, and will send more pictures!
Thank you again!   Pati



Wanted to send you a pic of our gorgeous gal, Curry...(Heather)! This is her at about 11 weeks. She is doing so well and our family just adores her!! Still can't get over how much she has grown in the few weeks we have had her. Our other dog is still hoping that she is a bad dream that will go away...ha!!
Thank you so much...we will send more pics ??
Joel and Tami


Hi Glenda!

Here are some pics of Darby now that she's 12 weeks old! She doesn't hold still for very long. She had her 2nd vet appointment yesterday and weighed in at 25.4 lbs! She loves toys and bully sticks :). I'll keep sending you pics as she grows! She brings so much joy to our lives and has been picking on her bulldog brother!
Thanks!  Kylie




Good Evening Glenda,

I hope that this finds you and your family well. Duke has become one of the family!! We would be at a loss without him.  It has not been without some learning curves, but we have been taking him to a trainer, and he is doing well. I am sending you a picture of our family that was taken in Pentwater, Michigan on the beach of Lake Michigan. Please keep in touch.

Sincerely, Tracy




Hi it's Gayle.  So we kept the name Emily. We call her Emi.  She's growing like a weed.




Hi Glenda. Thought you might like an update on Howard aka Thunder. We adopted him from you March 18th I believe. Thought you might like a picture of him. 
He is amazing. He is now 8 months and weighs 96lbs. He is super smart. He is goofy and lovable. I take him to the nursing home I work at occasionally. He makes the residents fall in love with him. He is so calm with the elderly I have been encouraged to take him to therapy dog classes. 
Anyway here is a picture from the day we got him until now. 
Thanks!  Cindy



Glenda, I just wanted to check in.  Sadie (now Kinnick) is doing very well.  She is so very smart and already has mastered getting on the furniture :)  I love her so very much and I am so grateful for the love you gave her in her first few weeks!   Thank you!  Michelle



She is loved.  Thanks!  Deb



Hi Glenda,

Hope all is well with you and your family! I just thought I would send you a Max update now that he is 6 months old. I just took him in to get weighed and he is 106.7 lbs! He is beautiful and keeps our other Great Dane and us on our toes. We sure do love him to bits, thank you!
 Thank you, Erica



Her name is Mercedes. Daughter of Daisy and Napoleon

Thanks!  Tom and Judy



Kudjo now goes by Miggy. He’s already 150 pounds and goofy as ever.   The new litters look awesome, hoping to get another dane in the next year or so!

Sincerely, Alex



Thought you might enjoy an updated photo of Remi.  At 4-/12 months, he's closing in on 70#.  He is such a great dog and very smart.  We love him immensely!  Thanks!  Lyda



We love him so much!  Chad



Here's Samson and his buddy!  Thanks!  Tom



Just giving you an update on Shadow from Jasper and Taras litter. We've named him Sir Gromit the Goof (Gromit for short) as he is so funny and silly and constantly making us laugh. He has fit in perfectly with us. He's a great protector to my daughters. My oldest gave herself a concussion and that night he wouldn't leave her side! I have ptsd and have panic attacks at night and since he has come into our lives my attacks have drastically reduced and when I do have one he's there to wake me and help ground me. We couldn't ask for a better dog! He goes every where with us when possible and when it's not possible he enjoys going to doggie daycare and playing with his french bulldog friend Badger. When he's not goofing around or going places he enjoys lounging on the couch or laying by my feet. We are never out of his sight and if I do manage to get out of sight he comes looking for me or I find him waiting for me. Thank you allowing us to have such an amazing dog in our lives!     Dannette, Lydia and Eisley



Hi Glenda!

Remember me and my girls?? We just wanted to show you how much Sweet Blue has grown! We just love her so much! She is such a wonderful addition to our family! We are working on training and she is too smart for her own good! She really is intelligent and we get compliments about how beautiful she is everywhere we take her. Thank you again for supplying us with such a wonderful companion!

Have a wonderful holiday season!
With much love,
The Cantelopes


Our Tessa made the local paper:)  I am a little biased, but I think she is beautiful!!  We get comments all the time how beautiful she is! We have been in training and I am hopeful she will be a therapy dog to go into hospitals and nursing homes. We absolutely love her!!
Thank you!!  Allen



Hello Glenda. Just another update. Teufel is doing great. He is such an energetic and sweet boy. He is having a blast playing with his big brother the basset hound and is still trying to get to know the cat, Jingles. I think that relationship will take a little longer to  Thanks!



Hi Glenda!  Titan has been home with us a week now and is fitting right in!  He loves to play with our two other dogs, run around the yard and the kids (and me) are in love with him.  He has mastered going up the stairs, but isn’t quite sure about going down them yet.  Thanks!  Heather




Hi Glenda!  Jim Holman with pictures of Zeus.
When I picked him up you asked to receive pictures.  He is growing and I think he likes his new home.  He is so much fun and a very loving young pup.
Thanks for everything.  Jim

Hi Glenda!  Titan has been home a little over a wk and he is fitting right in!  He loves to play with our two other dogs, run around the yard and the kids (and me) are in love with him.  He has mastered going up the stairs, but isn’t quite sure about going down them yet. 

Hi Glenda!  Titan has been home a little over a Glenda!  Titaas been home a little over a week and he is fitting right in!  He loves to play with our two otherdogs, run around the yard and the kids (and me) are in love with hite sure about going down them yet.  and he is fitting right in!  He loves to play with our two other dogs, run around the yard and the kids (and me) are in love with him.  He has mastered going up the stairs, but isn’t qu


Hello! We have been so busy with settling in with the new puppy, Tball, softball and girlscouts that we haven't updated you on how he is doing. He is such a good dog, though our little Dacshunds are a little overwhelmed with his size. Our three girls love him to pieces and he goes everywhere with us! They even gave him a special teddy bear just for him! He loves to snuggle with it when no one is available to snuggle with...and chew on it too! We like him so much, we have considered getting another. But that thought is on hold for now, though it it quite tempting to give him a buddy his size to romp around with. We have also given out your website, he has lots of admirerers! This picture was taken a few weeks ago, and he has grown even since then...people who haven't seen him for a few days are shocked to see how much he has grown since the last time they saw him!  Thank you again...we look foward to keeping in touch :D   The Knipping Family 





Hello Glenda,
just wanted to let you know that Lucy (Polly) is doing great! She's a mommies girl alright!  And she's a bundle of Energy. I bet she sits all night thinking about all the nonsense she and her brother can get into to drive me nuts during the day! ;) Never a dull moment in this house. She's a very smart little cookie and learns fast. She likes other people and animals but I think my cat is ready to move out the poor thing! We went to the vet twice. Once when she got here. And once this week for the rest of her shots. The vet is already in love with her. And I can't remember life without her. She eats well (and good food) and weighs now a little more than 25 lbs. She does good on the leash.
Just wanted to let you know that she is awesome and very much loved! She's a big happy puppy! Talk to you soon, Sonja



I just sent you an email with pictures of LUNA :) Thought you might like to see how she's doing? Alisha


Maggie & Mike





Panda - sent from Danielle

New one of Panda - Danielle





I was sitting here thinking about you and your dogs and thought you
might like to see how Pebbles' (aka Dora) was doing. *Just a reminder
she was born 6-4-2011 to Napoleon & Sophie* We are so proud of her,
she is just beautiful! She just finished up her ACA Championship
(American Canine Association). I know it's not AKC but we are still
happy with the accomplishment and the dogs she was able to beat in the
ring. Lane is so happy with his dogs. Pebbles is very kind and
friendly, which I really like about her. Anyway just thought I'd give
you a little update on her and when I get her championship picture
I'll send it to you.

Thank you so much for allowing us to own her!!!  Tina






Glenda - Just wanted to send you a quick Taggart update. He is doing wonderfully! We have put 20lbs on him, and he has grown a couple of inches. He is a sweet, sweet boy that just craves affection. He loves to cuddle. He is getting along with all the cats...especially his buddy Spencer. If Taggart lays down, Spencer is usually close by! Taggart and Sophie are pretty inseparable.
Here are some recent pics for you.

Kind regards,  Shawn







Hello Glenda,   Just wanted to give you an update about Scout who has now been renamed Riece, pronounced like Reese Witherspoon. It means Giant in German. He is doing very well, the last vet checkup he was up to 32lbs and I am pretty sure he has grown even since then. He is a snuggler and loves our other dogs. I get compliments on how gorgeous he is all the time. Also, I was asked for a recommendation of where to get a Dane, and I suggested your farm because I was so happy with my dane. I have attached a few pictures of my boy, and am loving every part of Riece being in my family.

Thanks again,  Melanie





Romeo Is Doing Very Well And Has Adjusted To Our Family Wonderfully (As U Can See From the Picture He Has Claimed All Furniture In The House As His Own (hahah). He's Extremely Sweet With Our Two Year Old And We Are So Glad to Have Him. Thank You Again

~The March Family







Here are some pictures of Pixie. She is doing great she is really loving this nice weather, she is my walking buddy on the trail we have here in town. My fiance says she is spoiled, but i think she is just loved!  She is very happy here and i must say i could not ask for a better dog. sorry it took so long for me to write you we have been very busy i will deffinatley keep you updated though have a great Easter!





Hello Glenda!!

Just wanted to give you an update on “Milo” now affectionately called Ollie!!

                   He will be 5 months old at the end of this month and we just couldn’t love him more!! He loves his older brother Deuce, they are best buddies! He is growing into a tank!

 Thank you SO much for our new family member. He is a lover and a beautiful boy.


Justin and Nicki




Gracie AKA Mandy

Hi there! Well, I got home just fine. I did not make a peep all the way home! Ive been introduced to our other dog,Bailey, and our tales were just a waggin! I've had a bath and now I'm just chillin! Thanks for raising me to be a great dog!!!! :-)





I just wanted to let you know that we had a great ride home yesterday.  The puppy's name is Spar and he did great.  He rode on the front seat of our truck between my husband and I for the whole ride, it took about 5 hours.  He let us know when he had to go to the bathroom and slept the rest of the way.  He had a good first night as well.  He whined and woke up about 4 am but that's it.  He was ready to go back to sleep a little bit later. 


Glenda, we adopted Gauge from you in Feb. Of 2009.  He is a wonderful dog and doing great.  Commands lots of attention when we are out walking, people always stop us and comment on how beautiful he is.  Gauge  is very sweet tempered and very good with kids and older adults.  My 94 year old fatherinlaw lives with us and we have 4 grandkids under the age of 6 all around, and he loves them all. We love him to death and would love to consider another dame sometime in the future.    Thanks again,  Renee



New Blue Boy with sister Roxie

Thought you might enjoy this. He is doing awesome! Lots of personality and confidence. Roxie is not happy right now.  Justin




Thought you'd like to see how he is growing!   Wanda





Sarge is doing great! My family is in love with him. He has taken an extra special liking (: what a surprise lol. I now have a shadow that sounds like a small horse trotting behind me. He’s a lot of fun. I took him to the river today and he loved it.

And he is doing great! Heres a couple new pictures. I still havent gotten his "handsome face" captured yet! He weighs 66 pounds and is the sweetest boy in the world (: Thank you Glenda!



Sarge & Santa
Hi Glenda! I hope you and yours had a fantastic holiday season! I know that mine has....Sarge is such a joy. We are truly blessed to have him. He weighs 99.2 pounds and he isnt even 7 months old yet (: He is the star of ALL the pet stores we bring him to,and knows to sit pretty at the checkout for his treats!
I have attached some more photos of him for you to see.
Take Care!
Here are Sarge & Ivan, half-brothers - Ivan is the 2nd pup Jenna received from us!
Love at first sight! Thank you Glenda! - Jenna


It took me a while to remember but I finally did! Here are some pics that we've taken over the past few months of Scooby! He's getting really big and so loveable! I love his temperment.My little girl Zoy loves him, they are best friends, more like brother sister lol. he is definatly a lap dog,that's where he want to be all the time,lol . we love him . thanks again    let me know what you think of him,or if you don't get the pics, first time sending pics lol.  Jason
Hello, It's me Robert. I am the person who bought your dog Goliath somewhat over a year ago. I just wanted to give you a friendly hello and tell you that Danny, ( Goliath), is doing very well. He has gotten very big and he is a joy to have in the family. I am going to send some pictures of Danny ('Goliath'). Hope you Enjoy them!
Abby & Emma - They couldn't decide which to take - so they took both!!

Hi Glenda,

Just wanted to send you a couple new pic's of the girls. They are getting big. They were to the vet last Wednesday and Abby was up to 40 lbs and Emma was 20 lbs. They are wonderful. Thanks again, Kim and Todd





Hey this is David out in California; I got Bosco from u back in July or August last year. Just thought I'd send you an update. He is the best dog I’ve ever had, and I've had a lot. As I'm writing you this, he is sleeping on my legs on the couch. He has the best temperament, he loves to play, and he great around other dogs and babies. Whenever we have friends over, they leave saying "he's the best dog ever".
David, Sandi, Bosco and soon to be baby Layla





Hi Glenda, Just a photo of Elijah (Adonis) at 6 months. Already 75 pounds! We love him like one of our children, and he is more than a little spoiled! Tony and family.





Leo with his new big brother Dillan


Leo had his first vet appt yesterday (sept 10). Looks good says the vet. Leo got really comfortable yesterday and is showing his true colors. He is getting into everything and being sassy when scolded. House training in progress, he is doing well!  Jason



picture from Dimitri



Farrah & Beau - both adopted from Iowa Fox Creek Kennels

Hi, It's me again. I just wanted to tell you that Beau (Dylan) mastiff is the best dog
ever. He is so beautiful, loving,loyal, charasmatic just by far the best dog we have
ever had. Our older dog isn't into doing too mush so we feel that beau should have
 brother or sister.  He is definately my baby who thinks he is a lap dog weighing in at
about 155lbs. We would love to purchase from you again knowing you breed wonderful
mastiffs. I was on your website but am un sure how many you have forsale right now.
I will try to e-mail you some pictures of beau as I am sure you would love to see them.


Sully, Meagan & Darin

Hi Glenda!

I hope all is well! I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Sully as he is growing so much. He is around 60 pounds now! He is so great and has a personality of his own! He is very playful and sleeps A LOT! We have had several comments on his great personality and looks! Thanks for such a great puppy! Have a great holiday season as well!

Best Wishes,

Meagan and Darin



I just wanted to send you a picture of Glory when she turned one.  She did not like the snow at first but she got over it.
I hope that everything is going good for you Glory is a great Mastiff.  She is awesome!!!

Kids with Horatio!  Tammy & Kevin





Big brother Jake with Sarge

Hi Glenda,    I wanted to let you know that we made it back home in one piece with Sarge.  So far so good, Jake doesn’t seem to mind having a little version of him running around chasing after him and playing with his tail.   So last night we crated Sarge and put him in the bedroom with us,  (Jake sleeps on the floor at the foot of the bed) and a couple times Sarge woke up and of course let out a few cry’s, Jake would get up and go over by him and it seemed to reassure him.  I think he will do just fine here. Nancy and I are very happy to have Sarge as a part of the family.  Ill be sure to send out updates for you so you can see how he’s doing as he grows up.

 Thanks again,   Mike, Nancy & big brother Jake



Leo the Lion


Hi Glenda and Dave,

I wanted to thank you, you guys gave us another wonderful addition to our family. I also appreciate Dave meeting us, sorry for cutting our conversation short. It was enjoyable! We've named him Leo the Lion. He does act very majestic. He is very well mannered; he gets along great with our 2 dogs, 5 chickens, and 4 kids! I believe he has handled the transition well. I'll try and send you some pictures as he grows. Thank you again for our little blessing!

Al James


I just wanted to give you an update on our puppy Leo. At 6 months he was 110#'s. You can almost see him grow before your eyes. He is a beautiful animal. His coat is still very soft. His bone and muscle structure is very impressive. It is amazing to see how athletic he is when playing. He has been very healthy.He is also very smart and easy to train. He has been house broken for a long time and knows many commands. He has a great demeanor with our family and very watchful and protective of all of us. When he was 4 months old he went through a stage were he didn't want anything to do with new people. He has gotten past this, but is still mindfull of new people. He has become another great addition of our family. He very loving and gentle. Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful addition to our family.

Happy New Year,  Al James


The picture shows Leo at 4 months

Leo - all grown up!








Raspberry Beben'ka


Hi Glenda!
How are you and all your dogs doing? Good I hope.
Here is few pics of Raspberry Beben'ka ( this is the best name that stick
with her :) ) She got very smart and beautiful. We love her and she is
absolutely happy, healthy and full of energy! She has a lots of friends but
playing only with puppies :) .

 Thank you.







Hey Glenda! I just wanted to send you a few pictures of our baby! Tiny is officially 9 months now, as you know. We love him WAY too much! He is absolutely spoiled! But he's a good boy, getting better and better every day with training. We had a tough few weeks at first getting him used to the city, but we are pretty sure he loves his life! He gets to go to dog parks regularly and we have a dog walker that takes him out with other dogs 3 times a week when we are both at work. We are so very happy with him! Hope all is well with you and your dogs.
Tom, Kelly and Tiny

A real class act!!




Hi Glenda!

Fang did REALLY WELL at his vet visit and everyone fell in love with him!! And we are all scheduled for puppy kindergarten, which starts next Monday.  I started marking his height on the wall, so that we can see how fast he’s growing...this should be fun to see!!

He’s been the talk of the family already; too.....everyone wants to meet him!! LOL!!

Anyway.....will keep you updated from time to time on his progress “AGAIN”.....I can’t Thank You enough for all that you do!!

We just love him to death!!!! (He’s so adorable!)

                                                                                                       Take Care!

                                                                                                 Lance and Jennifer








Hello, Glenda!

I just saw this note fm you and wanted to tell you how awesome "little" Sammy is doing!!!  He is almost the size of a lab now!  I can't believe he's only 4.5 months old!!
So, all is well.  Everyone LOVES him (and the size of his feet)!  He still goes to work with me but that is becoming a challenge as he's hitting his teenage stage and yelps when he wants attention!  (Hard for an office full of people on the tele!)  He's protective and has a different bark for that.  He loves to lick us (seems to have a foot-fetish!) and I just adore it when Max lays down and Sam just goes over and plops down right on top of him!  His favorite place to sleep is my closet- which is funny because we forget that and lose him a lot when he's in there.  All and all a sweet puppy.  We adore him so much!

The Grasso's (including Samson!)

here's a pic of sparty!!  he's a seriously big big dog...but so gentle and sweet...and clumsy. 
J ennifer  


Tank with Maxie - a second puppy purchased from us
Maxie and Tank
We named her
Maxie and she loves her new home. She was 36# when we took her to the
vet last week.  Hope all is good!!!! Oh by the way Maxie loves to chase the
cats around the farm - she is obsessed with watching them, but she
isnt able to catch one yet. They take off when she runs after them to
play..She does respect the horses though - she sits back and watches
because they are sooo big.  Angie
Hey Glenda,
                  I just wanted to thank you again for everything!  I can't tell you how happy we are and how much we appreciate everything!  We had a great drive back and he is adapting very nicely to his new home!  We still aren't 100% on a name, but Hogan seems to be what we will end up going with.  Thank you so much!

Josh & Tim

Hey Glenda. We have one of ya'll past puppies from Tank & Ginger. BRUTUS 4/26/09
Let me just say #97 at the last vet ck. 5 1/2 mnths. He's a great pup.
Thanks again,
The Coleman's