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Great Dane History

Around 3000 B.C., there appeared huge, Great Dane-like carvings and paintings on the pyramids of Egypt.  Also, a dog looking very similar to a Great Dane  appeared on ancient Greek coins from the year 36 B.C.  These were the dogs of royalty and were highly prized.

First developed in Germany, the modern Great Dane was likely a cross between Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds, producing a slimmer, but still giant version of the original Mastiff.  They were bred to be dogs of war and to hunt large game.  Because of their strength, ability to work on their own, and their obedience, the Great Danes were greatly valued.  The Germans used them to hunt wild boar, wolves, and stag during the fourteenth century.  During this time, it became usual to crop the breed's ears to protect their ears on the hunt. 




The Great Dane became popular with English hunters who knew it as the German Boarhound, a fast, strong, and agile dog.  While intimidating in stature and size, this is a breed that was developed eventually into a family dog.  It is a breed noted for gentleness, compassion, and family devotion.





In 1880, this German breed was formally declared the “Deutsch doggen”.  The modern day standard was adopted in 1891 when the Great Dane Club of Germany formed.








Through the years, there have often been famous Great Danes or those with famous owners. Otto von Bismarck, founder of modern day Germany, kept Danes with him all the time.  General Cornwallis, during the American war of Independence, took his Great Danes on campaign with him.  The famous Red Baron, Manfred von Richtofen, even took his Dane “Moritz” on some flights with him.  Turk was Buffalo Bill Cody’s black Dane, and Dane lover, Franklin D. Roosevelt kept several nearby.






Of course, there is the famous Great Dane, Marmaduke, from the cartoon by Brad Anderson.  Saturday mornings included the great cartoon of the Great Dane, Scooby-Doo!  “All Dogs Go To Heaven” is a cartoon classic also based around a Dane.